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  • What communities do you serve?
    We are based out of Mashpee, but serve all of the surrounding communities as well! We welcome all with substance use disorder history and those living with mental illness- no matter your background! We are here to support you and your recovery path. Our location is accessible to public transportation as well.
  • Do I need insurance or a referal to come to your center?
    No, not at all! We are NOT a clinical recovery center, so insurance and referals are not needed to come. Just come on in! Come join a support group, a class, or a training at no cost!
  • Do your services cost anything?
    Not at all! They are free for all. We are a 501c3 non-profit so donations are appriciated but none of our programs, services, and trainings cost anything.
  • What kind of recovery groups, trainings, support do you offer?
    Harm Reduction Groups Meditation and Reiki Groups One on One Support Groups Peer Support training Narcan training Men’s and Women’s Groups Recovery Groups Self-care, Emotional, and Spiritual Support Sober Events Animal Therapy Red Road to Recovery (Native American based recovery groups) LGBTQ+ groups Peer-to-peer Supported Recovery Arts and Crafts Groups Journaling Groups Music Groups And more to come!
  • What is Peer-Based Recovery Support?
    "Peer-based recovery support, known as mutual-help organizations (or self-help groups) – are free, peer-led (i.e., non-professional) organizations that developed to help individuals with substance use disorders and other addiction-related problems. Mutual-help organizations focus on the socially-supportive communication and exchange of addiction and recovery experience and skills. Individuals participate in activities that engage, educate, and support patients recovering from substance use disorder from others facing similar challenges." - Peer-Based Recovery Support - Recovery Research Institute ( This is a peer-facilitated support based center.
One Shared Spirit proudly offers Peer to Peer Support at our center!
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