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About Us

One Shared Spirit 501c(3) was established March, 16th of 2021 with the goal of helping those in need who are either in or seeking recovery from substance use disorders. Studies have proven the benefits of the holistic approach to recovery, and we started OSS with the intention and determination to bring that approach to the Barnstable County community along with the lived-experience of our staff. We started small, in the comfort of our director's home, and now an office space in Mashpee and we are growing every single day. As we receive funding/donations we will be adding more groups such as journaling groups, arts/crafts groups, and even therapy animal days.
We are a small group with big dreams to help the Barnstable County community and be there for anyone who needs us.


Outreach Coordinator and CEO

DJ Lopez (She/Her)

DJ is a beautiful, passionate, and loving person. She started One Shared Spirit with a vision to help those in and seeking recovery.

DJ is a Certified Group Peer Support Specialist/GPS, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Certified Older Adult Peer Specialist, and a Mind Body Medicine Specialist (Harvard School of Medicine, Class of 2017). She has worked as a Peer recovery specialist has been a counselor and outreach coordinator, worked in rape crisis intervention,  been a domestic violence counselor, and is a National Spokesperson for the Rape-Abuse-Incest-National Network R.A.I.N.N. She is also a retired paramedic and phlebotomist.

When she's not in the office she can be found playing with her beautiful horse, Braxton, and playing with her rescue puppy Chance.

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Financial & Social Media Manager
Alyssa Frey
Alyssa is a passionate, focused, and driven person. They joined One Shared Spirit as as soon as DJ proposed the idea and was excited from the start.
Alyssa is working towards a Group Peer Support Certification, has experience working with young adults, teens, and the LGBTQ+ community, and has been active in the recovery community for several years. They have a two Bachelor's degrees and is currently working towards a third.
When Alyssa isn't in the office you can find them at the barn with their horse, Winona, or curled up on the couch with a pad of paper drawing superheroes like Spider-Man.
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