About Us

Recovery is a journey not focused on perfection...

It is focused on progression.

Supportive Friend

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We are run by a group of four individuals, from all different backgrounds,

in long-term recovery. We put our heads together to come up with ideas for a recovery support center more accessible to the Mashpee area, because we felt there were little to no resources or groups for those in recovery in our area. 

We believe in our mission to incorporate the knowledge and experienced voices of all in the way of self-advocacy and peer support- especially as individuals in recovery ourselves. We believe everyone with substance use disorders and those living with mental illness are entitled to live a life of intention, meaning, productivity, and wellness. We all believe in uplifting one another and supporting all of those around us to create a safe space where everyone feels welcome. 

The recovery journey is hard, even harder without a good support system.

We are here to be part of that support system.