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Our Current Groups

We honor all paths to recovery and offer many groups that are FREE and NON-MEDICAL. No referrals or insurance needed- just come on by!

For the schedule for these groups please refer to the Calendar.

LGBTQ+ Circle

Come join us in our holistic healing group for LGBTQ+ individuals seeking or are currently in recovery. These groups are specifically for those in the LGBTQ+ community who are affected by
substance use disorders. We talk about coping mechanisms, harm reduction, we pull cards, mediate, and more. Depends on the day!

These groups follow Harm Reduction and Peer guidelines. Come join us for a fun and meaningful evening!

Red Road to Wellbriety

Red Road to Recovery is a group of shared wisdom the indigenous people have provided to us that is nature based and a 12-step likeness. There will be a drumming and healing circle. These groups follow Harm Reduction and Peer guidelines

Group Peer Support (GPS) Meeting

About Group Peer Support:

This is a group for all of those with lived experience to have a strong social support system. 

Today is a Gift!

Starting our day with gratitude and appreciation. We talk about what we are grateful for today and throughout the week. Come join a fulfilling morning meeting!

Women's Healing Drum Circle

Come join us for an evening of healing! Drumming, journeying, and feeling our emotions and welcoming healing. Women and Non-binary individuals welcome to our recovery focused healing drum circle. 

Meditation & Reiki

In this group we practice meditation and becoming connected with ourselves, our bodies, our minds, and the Earth. A large number of studies have shown that meditation reduces stress, blood pressure, and improves immunity and heart health, all which aid the body and mind's healing process.

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